We are three sisters.

We live in three different places spread out across the globe. We are each navigating life as twenty-somethings, learning what it means to be a wife, a mother (that’s new!), and a woman in this world. We invite you to this space where we etch out the pieces of our stories.




I write a lot. I write in one of my six journals, I write on church bulletins, I write on napkins in the car while I’m driving. Because the lessons of this life need to be recorded. Because the day-to-day everyday faithfulness of God need to be remembered. As I write, I learn, I remember, and I grow.

I’m a Registered Dietitian and I love helping people find peace in their relationship with food. I’m a newish wife, married to a down-to-earth, nature-loving farmer with the bravest heart I know. Two weeks after the wedding, we packed our gifts and few belongings and headed west. We are settling into the our new home in the Gallatin Valley of Montana. We love living in the Big Sky country where there is always more beauty to find and more mountains to climb. I’ve found nature to often be where God’s truths come alive.

There is so much to this crazy hard and crazy good life that I don’t know how to navigate. But I find comfort knowing that I was created with a purpose by One who chooses to display Himself through me, I want to be willing. He is the Great and All-Sufficient One. It is His Gospel that changes lives. He is the Treasure, filling this broken jar of clay, showing that the power belongs to Him and not to me.

One of my “mentors,” Mother Theresa said: “I’m a little pencil in the hand of a writing God, who is sending a love letter to the world.”


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Welcome to our blog! My sisters and I are excited to share with you the grace and glory we encounter in our normal, everyday lives. It makes sense that we would be doing this thing together. In our girlhood we did almost everything together—from building a tree-fort in the backyard to dressing up in tutus for our ballet recital. Then we got all grown up, married within 18 months of each other, and scattered to spread our wings and make our nests in different places around the world. I think you’ll see our unique styles coming through here—one of us is cautious and sensitive, another free-spirited and thoughtful, another passionate and adventurous. But the most important thing about us is the thing we share in common, and that is our hope in Jesus Christ!

I met my husband, Ryan, in 2013. Ever heard of “love at first Skype”? It’s a thing! On that first “date” over Skype, we talked for over two hours, sharing our love for theology and reading and family traditions and the global mission of the Gospel—and we laughed a lot. I was studying counseling at Westminster Theological Seminary at the time, and Ryan was a doctoral student researching John Calvin’s ethics and theology at the University of Toronto. I thought he was the most interesting, kind, and funny person I had ever met and almost three years into marriage now, I still think so. We currently live in Princeton, NJ, where we serve in campus ministry and are the happy parents of a baby boy, Jonathan. As a family we enjoy long nature walks, reading books, and exploring new coffee shops. And when my baby naps, I hurry off to make a cup of tea and settle in on the front porch to write and read. I also work from home as a Recitation Instructor for the Christian Counseling & Education Foundation.

I love that God cares about the little people, us weak ones. I love that He transforms us from the inside out, by the breath of His Word. I love that one day, He will wipe every tear from our eyes. It’s good to be a Christian, and my purpose in blogging here is to remind me and remind you of that.



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